Kita Announces iSHiELD™                                                     Release: Feb 3, 2014

Kita introduces a slick new way to manage the age-old problem of solder contamination on test probe plungers. iSHiELD™ is a conductive crystalline carbon film that covers the tip of a test probe plunger and prevents solder from adhering.

When ICs have solder-plated leads or solder balls and the test probe has a gold-plated plunger, the solder is easily transferred from the device onto the plunger tip. When it gets on the plunger tip, the solder sticks, oxidizes and becomes an insulator. The use of palladium plating on the plunger or palladium alloy base material helps to minimize the solder-sticking problem, but the plungers still need regular and costly cleaning. Solder does not stick to iSHiELD™ coated plungers.

The conductive crystalline carbon film is applied to the plunger tip in a proprietary plasma process developed by Kita.

isheild cres chart

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KITA USA (774-331-2265, or Kita Japan (81-724-85-1900, .