• Twice as hard any other surface finish
  • Prevents tip wear
  • Improves durability

Au1000 is a new gold plating process for test probe plungers that is significantly harder than anything previously available in the market. The new plating has a remarkable surface hardness of 1,000 on the Vickers scale. Historically, test probe plungers have been plated with hard gold (Hv 200), or combinations of gold and/or palladium plating (Hv 400-500).

In the past, traditional plating options have been good enough because the plunger tips were contacting solder balls (Hv < 50) or gold plated IC pads. Now, with the introduction of NiPdAu plating (Hv 400) on IC leads and pads, a harder surface finish is required on the plungers to prevent tip wear and yield loss.

In addition to being very hard,  plated plungers retain the superior features of a gold surface finish (low contact resistance, no corrosion, etc.) that cannot be matched by other less noble materials.

Test probes with  plated plungers are currently shipping in volume.

For further information, please contact;

KITA USA (774-331-2265, or KITA Japan (81-724-85-1900, .